A white tiger being kept at an zoo in New Delhi, India mauled a visitor to death on Tuesday after the man jumped into the tiger's enclosure. The attack, which was caught on video by a witness, reveals that officials did not intervene until it was too late.

Eyewitnesses said that the man slipped and fell into the animal's cage, which many said had low walls, though police officials claim the man jumped into the enclosure. Authorities at the scene identified the man by his first name, Maqsood, and said they believe he was twenty years old.

According to the Associated Press, National Zoological Park spokesman Riyaz Ahmed Khan said that the man was dead by the time zoo officials intervened:

Authorities eventually frightened the tiger into a small cage inside the enclosure. The man, whose body remained in the outdoor enclosure two hours after the attack, was dead by the time help reached him, Khan said.

Witnesses said that even when zoo officials did get involved, they were not armed with tranquilizers to subdue the tiger.

[Image via AP]