Yesterday, Donald Trump released a video attempting to refute the fraud charges levied against the scam formerly known as Trump University. But rather than offer any real answers, Trump’s video only raises more questions. Specifically, why can’t purported billionaire Donald Trump afford better sound equipment?

In the video, Trump pretends to “expose” the former students who had recently appeared in Koch-funded ads decrying the fake university, although those individuals had, in fact, already released their full names to The Washington Post. He also, according to Gawker Media Associate Video Producer Nicholas Stango and judging from the echo and tinny sound quality, is using a built-in mic (possibly an iPhone’s). Which is to say—Trump is using no real microphone at all.

Donald already let us know how he feels about poorly orchestrated sound systems, telling a crowd in Pensacola, “I believe in paying, but when somebody does a bad job—like this stupid mic—you shouldn’t pay the bastard. Terrible. Terrible!”

He’s right; when someone uses a bad mic, you should indeed not pay the bastard. Donald Trump also posed this question last year:

In light of which, we must ask: How is Donald Trump going to make our country great again if he can’t even do the same for his own microphone?

Very sad!

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