PSA: If you leave your dog locked in a hot car for 13 hours, it will die. Even if you crack the window, sometimes.

That's what happened to Cassaundra Rasmussen, a 49-year-old woman who left her pooch Waldo unattended during a marathon-length shopping trip to Wal Mart in Crestview, Florida. A fellow shopper discovered the dog while walking through the store's parking lot last Thursday, but at that point, it was already dead.

Rasmussen left her car's window slightly open during the half-day stretch, but didn't leave any food or water inside. Police said the dog died from overheating, and charged the owner with a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

When cops asked Rasmussen about Waldo, she claimed she had forgotten the animal was inside. Even if that's true, it ignores the larger question at hand: What was she doing in Walmart for 13 hours?

[Image via CBS]