Marilyn Hartman, described by authorities as a "serial stowaway," was arrested by police at Los Angeles International Airport for the second time this week after allegedly trying to sneak onto a flight. Hartman has been arrested by police seven times this year for making similar attempts at SFO.

Hartman, 62, had been arrested by police Wednesday at LAX for trying to hop a free flight, and was given a court order to stay away from airport. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Hartman was released from jail Wednesday after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

"It was stupid, and it is something that I don't want to repeat," Hartman told the Press Democrat as she left court yesterday. She also the paper that she is homeless, and feels safer in airports than she does on the streets.

This past Monday, Hartman successfully—after three attempts—bypassed security at San Jose International Airport and boarded a Los Angeles-bound Southwest Airlines flight by pretending to be with a family, the Associated Press reports.

"I've been in some pretty awful situations so I took desperate measures," she told reporters Wednesday.

[Image courtesy San Mateo County Sheriff's Office via San Jose Mercury News]