Nichole Reed confessed to Orange City, Fla. police that she did indeed stuff seven lobster tails—Publix retail value: $11.99—down her pants. She was hoping, she told police, to trade the tails for some Chinese food. Or pills. It didn't work out.

Reed, 30, was spotted stuffing the tails by the grocery store's security officer, who informed police. After tracking her down, Reed quickly relinquished her right to remain silent and confessed to the crime. Police charged her with petty theft.

"Reed stated she entered the store with the intent to steal food,'' reads the police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. "Reed told me she was going to trade the lobster tails to a friend and possibly buy Chinese buffet or Dilaudid." Dilaudid is a brand of hydromorphone.

[There was a video here]

[Image and video via News 13 Orlando]