Last Friday night, a woman allegedly tried to cut off her husband's penis with a box-cutter, only to be thwarted by his denim pants.

Lisa Jones-Orock reportedly attacked her husband with the blade late Friday night. By the time New Castle, Pa. police arrived, the man, identified as Gerald Orock, had cuts on his arms and hands; his jeans were reportedly sliced near his crotch.

From CBS Pittsburgh:

"We deal with domestic situations all the time, but I don't recall anything getting this physical where genitalia was attacked," New Castle Police Lt. David Cumo said. "He said she had attacked him with the box cutter and was trying to cut off his penis. Officers observed cuts in his crotch area of his pants, some cuts on his legs. He did have a cut on his left forearm and his right hand which did indicate defensive wounds to them."

Jones-Orock was arrested and faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, possession of marijuana and harassment. Her husband was briefly detained after Jones-Orock accused him of initiating the attack, but he was released. He was later charged with violating a restraining order and possession of marijuana.

[via New York Daily News]