Georgianna Reid, of Kansas City, Mo., was sick and tired of all the work involved maintaining a beautiful yard. Mostly, she had grown to resent having to mow and water her lawn. So she resolved to do what anyone would do in her situation: fill her lawn with 80 tons of sand, for which she paid only $4,000 to do.

"Now being over 60, I've decided that I've owned the house for 33 years and that I wasn't going to mow anymore or water," Reid told KCTV.

Some of her jealous neighbors think that Reid's beach house is bad for their landlocked neighborhood. Some have even filed complaints with the city. "I think the house looks revolting with all that is out there," neighbor Edwin Bisby said. "I'm sure it's going to hurt the property values in this neighborhood."

For her part, Reid really does not care what her neighbors think. "I would say, 'I'm putting in the largest litter box in the world,'" she said.

Also, if you took anything from her beach-yard, please return it:

A rather confrontational yard sign is posted in the yard offering a $2,000 reward for tips on who stole a volleyball net, lawn ornaments and a life-sized chest set. Reid said they set in the sand until they were taken.

[Image via KCTV]