An Illinois woman was arrested last week after she secretly returned to the home of her ex-boyfriend and allegedly set up a series of deadly booby traps around the house.

Police in Pekin say Amanda Pollard, 28, was seeking revenge after being kicked out of the house by Joshua Brewster, 33.

The two had been living together at 311 Catherine St. until December 1st, when Brewster phoned 911 and asked for help evicting Pollard.

Pollard agreed to leave, but when she returned the next day, with Brewster's permission, to pick up her belongings, she reportedly threatened to set fire to the house with Brewster inside.

The following day, Brewster sensed Pollard may be up to something, and asked a friend to stop by his residence.

Sure enough, Pollard was inside, laying her traps.

Pollard confessed to putting rat poison in Brewster's coffee, but court documents show she also put rat poison in his cereal, urinated in his mouthwash, and attempted to electrify his bed by cutting an electric blanked cord and placing it under his mattress.

"Payback's a bitch," Pollard reportedly told Brewster's friend.

Pollard was subsequently arrested and booked on charges of felony unlawful tampering of food, misdemeanor trespassing, and misdemeanor damage to property.

She remains behind bars in lieu of a $50,000 bond. Her court date has been set for December 26th.

[screengrab via CINewsNow]