Police in Tennessee say a woman severely injured herself last week while attempting to extract a wad of cash she had stolen from her boyfriend and hidden inside her rectum.

Bobby Gulley of Bulls Gap told a Hawkins County sheriff's deputy that his girlfriend, Christie Black, had apparently fallen for a trap he had set up for her that involved placing $5,000 and some drugs inside a medicine bag and going to sleep.

Upon waking up, Gulley noticed Black was still awake and his cash was gone.

Gulley found Black throwing up a bag full of "partially dissolved pills" and asked her about the money.

"[S]he admitted to him she’d wrapped it up and stuck it in her rectum," HCSO Sgt. Michael Allen wrote in his report.

According to Black, Gulley was preparing to kick her out, and she stole the money so she could find a new place to live.

Black attempted to remove the money from her body using a toilet brush and a pair of tongs, but failed and injured herself in the process.

According to Allen, Black "was bleeding severely and was transported to the Hawkins County (Memorial Hospital) emergency room."

Doctors removed the money and handed it over to police as evidence.

Black remained hospitalized as of late last week. She will be charged with theft over $1,000 upon her release.

[photo via Shutterstock, mug shot via TimesNews]