Police in South Carolina say that a woman threatened to shoot everyone in a Burger King restaurant after she was served a stale cinnamon roll. (Shocking not only because of the obvious, but also because "stale cinnamon roll" is still a fairly appetizing phrase.)

The Post and Courier reports that the woman was eating at a Mount Pleasant Burger King location in South Carolina with two friends on Tuesday when she complained that her cinnamon bun wasn't fresh. A witness told police that she became angry and started shouting, then stormed out when a manager tried to speak to her.

She came back later that day with her friends and threatened to shoot the restaurant's employees and patrons. According to the police report, she said, "I'm going to shoot down the place." She left when employees called the police.

The police have not yet found her and no one has been arrested.

[h/t NYDaily, image via Shutterstock]