After a group of bros tried to raise money for breast cancer research by going around and motorboating random women, many wondered when the world might see a reverse campaign featuring women cupping men's testicles to raise money for prostate cancer research.

Enter: A French manufacturer of antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Just in time for Movember — the worldwide, month-long prostate cancer awareness campaign that started as a "pub joke"Merci Handy unleashed a team of professional ball handlers to cup as many crotches as they could, with 10€ ($13.50) per "handy" groin toward "male cancer" charities.

All told, all the touching raised just under $700 for cancer research, which doesn't sound like that much, until you consider that the group of girls they sent out to perform prostate exams came back empty handed.

[H/T: Blame It On The Voices]