The comments on this article are knee-jerk ones made by sanctimonious Americans who want to jump to conclusions about others without knowing all the facts. If there is fraud, the maid is as liable as Ms Khobragade. The maid is not some uneducated dimwit who was forced against her will to catch a flight to the US. She knew what she was doing beforehand. She knew that Ms Khobragade couldn't afford the US minimum wage and so would state a higher wage in the 'supporting' documents for the visa. She knew she would actually get a lower wage because she signed a contract to that effect. American visa procedures require only the applicant to file the papers and take the INTERVIEW. Ms Khobragade could not have done this for the maid. The maid was not forced at gunpoint. She agreed to everything and took the interview because she wanted to go to the US. Once she got there, she told Ms Khobragade that she wanted to stay there permanently. Ms Khobragade told her that the visa was given on condition that the maid returns. In fact, she would have said so in her visa INTERVIEW. It was then that the maid decided to be a victim of human rights and approach activists in the US. The immigration guys are only interested in making a 'big score' and acting like they are fighting for rights. In truth, both maid and employer must be arrested. The maid will now file for asylum while Khobragade is saddled with a 15-year jail possibility. Way to destroy a life. The maid would have got over Rs 30,000, with free food and board. That's better than what she would've got in India. The immigration officials also should be probed for this lopsided case and for strip-searching Khibragade. Way to humiliate a foreign country's official. Imagine if it were done to a US official overseas. She is also a mid-level official, which means she has no dimplomatic immunity but is protected by the Vienna convention. What happened to that? Also, she is no privileged member of society. Her family is dalit, which may or may not mean anything. Finally, about the other comments here. Do you want people who know how to send rockets to the moon to sit and work with toilets in India? Where are your brains? Tell the scientists in America to go work with the poor.

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Women's Rights Advocate Paid Her Nanny Three Dollars An Hour

Women's Rights Advocate Paid Her Nanny Three Dollars An Hour

An Indian diplomat who championed women's rights is being criminally charged in New York for paying her female nanny $3.31 an hour and lying about it on the woman's visa application.

Devyani Khobragade, India's deputy consul general for political, economic, commercial and women’s affairs, was arrested and handcuffed this week as she dropped her daughter off at a Manhattan school.

Although Khobragade was actually the acting head of the consulate at the time of her arrest, the United States is denying diplomatic immunity, saying that visa fraud isn't covered under the Vienna convention.

In addition to the women's affairs part of her job title, Khobragade has repeatedly put herself out in the press as an advocate for “underprivileged” women’s rights.

According to the US Attorney's office, however, Khobragade was doing the opposite at home. Authorities say she helped her nanny fill out fake visa forms which said Khobragade was paying her $4,500 per month, or $3,927 a month more than the woman's actual $3.31-an-hour salary, which they documented in a secret contract.

Khobragade's nanny and husband will both be called as witnesses if the case proceeds to trial.

The arrest has caused diplomatic stir. India's Foreign Secretary has called on the US Ambassador to India to speak out against Khobragade's arrest. Khobragade's attorney is calling it political.

“I don’t know. I think there must be some political motivation, but I don’t know,” Daniel Arshack told CBS.

Khobragade was freed on a $250,000 bail. She's facing up to 15 years for fraud and making false statements.

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