beard: Ancient arcane term for a gay person's pretend heterosexual partner. Since the legal establishment of gay marriage, refers exclusively to lovingly tended long whiskers worn by urban men working in offices.

#longread: Fashionable code for non-fiction writing of normal length conspicuously consumed in public. Usage: "While everyone else on the subway played Candy Crush, I was immersed in a fascinating #longread about paternalism in the artisanal ham industry."

artisanal: Ostentatious presentation of basic competence.

scale: Management jargon used as a verb to question an overpaid executive's lucky streak. Usage: "Anna Wintour finds more runway at Conde Nast in new role. Can her gifts scale?"

just sayin': Shorthand for "I have completed my bigoted statement." See also: #sorrynotsorry.

bless your heart: Antiquated southernism for "fuck you," now used exclusively by open-plan office workers who feel uncomfortable saying "fuck you."

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