is that a thing now?: 1. Feigned ignorance of something impossible to avoid that you could quickly look up on the very device you've just used to type is that a thing now? 2. A symptom of amnesia requiring immediate medical attention and long-term hospitalization.

#sorrynotsorry: Text version of the Confederate flag that clarifies your Twitter bigotry as being sincere. Usage: "I really need to remember headphones when I get on the bus. I'm so tired of listening to Asians and Arabs all the time. #sorrynotsorry"

epic: Lacking significance. Usage: "That pizza was epic."

curating: Screwing around on the Internet at work.

I hear what you're saying: No.

check your privilege: Conversational filler used by university graduates with above-average incomes.

more and more: An apology for having failed to find any evidence of your assertion. Usage: "More and more stay-at-home dads are losing their toddlers at the playground."

disruptive technology: Marketing term that describes an imitation of a popular technology product.

farm to table: Income signifier used in discussion of groceries.

individual: How police officers describe a racial or economic stereotype. Usage: "The individual was observed acting in a suspicious manner."

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