A North Carolina postal carrier who claimed she was unable to lift mail trays as a result of a 2004 on-the-job injury pleaded guilty to worker's comp fraud after Federal investigator proved she was lying. Exhibit A: Her 2009 appearance on The Price is Right.

The indictment against Cathy Wrench Cashwell of Fayetteville, filed last September, alleges that during her Price Is Right appearance, she spun the "Big Wheel" not once, but twice.

Cashwell raised both her arms above her head, grasped the heavy wheel, and spun it with force, the indictment says, demonstrating to the investigators that she lied in her 2011 worker's comp paperwork about being unable to "stand, sit, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach or grasp."

Other evidence was brought against Cashwell, including a 2010 Carnival Cruise vacation during which she and her husband were spotted ziplining.

"I've seen every kind of case you can see," said private investigator Allison Blackman. "Sometimes you have to get in the woods and bushes. The secret is you've got to have your camera up, when they do what they're doing."

Except that in Cashwell's case, that cameras were up was no secret. Her sentencing has been scheduled for September.

[photo via AP]