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I touched upon this in a comment to the embedded Gawker post about kids taking selfies at funerals and if I may take a minute to reframe the discussion in the manner Kinja intended — feel free to comment, though keep in mind the mods won't know you're responding to me if you're outside the linked thread, so they might grey or ban your response, but that's what they want... reframed discussions and I'm willing to give it a shot — I'm not fond of and I personally don't like the tendency of Gawker and other big blogs to shame kids.

Looking around the idea that the Tumblr is possibly a creation by someone Neetzan knows — how else would he know about a day-old Tumblr with 20 posts, if it wasn't from a tip — the majority of images on the root Tumblr appear to be of people too young to drive.


Other than making fun of them, what purpose does the Tumblr serve and other than being a bored tween, why do these kids deserve ridicule? What purpose is being served by shaming them and linking their social media on a Tumblr and then mirroring those links on a multi-million dollar, international blog with tens of thousands of views?

An argument might be made that the young people are using social media and it's a public forum, which would protect the re-poster's right to republish, but as I said in the comment: I don't think there's a generation of tweens and teens out there studying Tumblr and Gawker for guidelines regarding how other, older people think they should act.


Not to mention, how is this different from bullying?
A bunch of grown-ups are making fun of kids.

YOLO: 'Selfies at Funerals' Is the Last Tumblr You See Before You Die

Because your body will simply shut down once it realizes it's being forced to share the same plane of existence with the kind of people who think it's completely normal to snap selfies at funerals and upload them to social media sites with the caption "love my hair today, hate why I'm dressed up" and the hashtag "#funeral."

And then one of your snot-nosed relatives will snap a selfie of themselves at your funeral, and upload it to Twitter with the caption "depressing funeral selfie" and the hashtag "#sadday."

It's the circle of YOLO.


[screengrabs via Tumblr]

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