Hair clippings from all over Sweden are coming together for an important cause: being woven into apparel.

Sweden’s Expressen reports (via Google Translate) that an enterprising woman named Nina Sparr “uses a somewhat unusual and remarkable materials: Real human hair. With hair from people all over Sweden manufactures Nina jewelry, paintings, various items of clothing, accessories - and panties.”

If you’re thinking, “Not panties!,” Expressen’s got news for you: “Yes, panties.”

Sparr calls her work “a bit special,” which is an understatement (trademark Swedish humility). Expressen says that the briefs consist of “thin and thick, curly and straight” hair.

Damn, you might be thinking. That sounds itchy as fuck. This time, you are right.

“The sticks of course a bit. For hair is a mess. You know, like when you cut yourself at the hairdresser and it falls down a hair in sweater and then sticks it,” says Sparr.

Sounds great. Shave off your hair and put some back on. As Cosmo says, why/why not?

[Image via Expressen]