A US Postal Truck Exploded and Burned Hundreds of Thousands of Letters

Email may be impersonal, email may be unromantic, but at least email isn't flammable. Unfortunately for hundreds of thousands of Orange County letter-writers, paper is.

A fiery freeway crash this morning incinerated approximately 120,000 pieces of mail, shutting down northbound lanes on the 57 for hours. The only injuries appear to be to the 49-cent-minimum missives: the USPS said all the mail on the Ontario-bound truck was destroyed.

According to the OC Register, the Postal truck driver, a private contractor, rear-ended another semi truck on the highway around 1:30 this morning, sparking the fire. Witnesses told CBS the truck seemed to explode. Highway patrol say they're still investigating the cause of the accident.


A Postal Service spokesman said non-local letters mailed from Orange Country zip codes that start with 926, 927, 928, 906, 917 and 918 could be affected.

[Screengrab via CBS LA]