A fatal concert shooting led to a major firearms bust Sunday when rapper Young Jeezy and several tour employees were arrested on possession charges.

Police obtained warrants for the "Under the Influence of Music" tour—headlined by Wiz Khalifa—after 38-year-old promoter Eric Johnson was shot five times and killed backstage Friday.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Jeezy and five crew members were busted with weapons—including an assault rifle—backstage less than two days later.

Police have not formally linked the shooting and subsequent arrests, but the LA Times suggests the two could be related based on the $1 million bail a judge set for Jeezy.

The unusually high bail for Jenkins and his two associates was likely requested by investigators, who believe they have more insight into the killing than what has been publicly revealed, said legal analyst Steven Clark, a criminal defense attorney and former Santa Clara County prosecutor.

He added that Jenkins' fame and recognizability make him a minimal flight risk, and his prior run-ins with the law — including a January arrest stemming from a Sept. 2012 fight with his son and a 2008 DUI arrest — aren't severe enough to necessitate his bail amount.

"On the face of it, it's an exorbitant bail on a relatively benign charge. If they didn't think he had significant knowledge about the homicide, I can't imagine why he'd have a million-dollar bail," Clark said. "They want to make sure he doesn't go anywhere for the short term. There's much more to this that we don't know."

"This is still a very, very active investigation," Police Sgt. Saul Jaeger told the LA Times. "Stay turned, there is more to come."

[image via AP]