We all have questions. Why are we here? What is this? Where am I? What's that, over there? These questions aren't "weird." They're a normal part of the search for truth. Come—sit. Here—now. Have you heard of zen? We have a story for you.

The koan: "The True Path"

Just before Ninakawa passed away the Zen master Ikkyu visited him. "Shall I lead you on?" Ikkyu asked.

Ninakawa replied: "I came here alone and I go alone. What help could you be to me?"

Ikkyu answered: "If you think you really come and go, that is your delusion. Let me show you the path on which there is no coming and no going."

With his words, Ikkyu had revealed the path so clearly that Ninakawa smilled and passed away.

The enlightenment: "Did he just ask me out?" wondered Ninakawa, before dying of embarrassment.

This has been "Zen Koans Explained." Figure Four leg locks.

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