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Dear Howell,

So I hear you're letting that jackass Hamilton write an article about how to throw a cocktail party in that appalling rathole he refers to as his "apartment." I also hear that you're paying for the party as well as the book he's using to plan it—Cocktails With a Twist or something like that.

I've got a better offer for you. Let me write a 1,000 word article on how to throw a themed cocktail party and I'll use Rena Sindi's new book, Be My Guest. Screw Hamilton. Who needs a couple of LA caterers when you've got a real New York socialite/party girl? The theme will be "Good Evening, Vietnam." My landlord has vetoed "napalm bowling" but I'm sure we can still make it interesting. (You pay for the cocktails, of course. And the DIY cocktail party book I'm going to shamelessly mock in the article. I will also need a copy of the "Best of the Buddha Bar" CD.) Thank you for your consideration.


Guy Trebay

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