· Howell Raines is getting married. [Page Six]
· Guests at Cabo resort tease Sean Penn about Iraq. [Page Six]
· Amy Sacco is suing her landlord, who she says is trying to evict her so he can triple the rent. [Page Six]
· John Cameron Mitchell is casting for a new movie called "The Sex Film Project" that features actors having actual sex on camera. He's looking for "downtown, bohemian Williamsburg types." [Page Six]
· Condé Nast CEO, Steve Florio, was in a fender bender in the Florida Keys. [Page Six]
· Cindy Adams objects to the construction of a cement plant in upstate New York on the basis that its builders "are not even New Yorkers. Not even Americans." Note to Cindy: neither is half the population of Manhattan. Cindy Adams]
· Liz Smith turns 80. [Liz Smith]
· Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz flew Roberta Flack in for his New Year's party; Guy Ritchie's new TV show is cancelled after a cameraman is stabbed; and ex-Bush speechwriter David Frum's new tell-all says the Karl Rove had "the ideas nobody else had" while Karen Hughes had "the same ideas that everybody else had."