A reader sends in background information on Calvin Klein's Joan Rivers outburst after Monday's little incident at the Knicks game:

From Chic Happens: Calvin Klein used the dreaded c-word to insult Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa, at a star-studded dinner for the AIDS charity AMFAR. Klein was dining with Elton John and his boyfriend David Furnish, Elizabeth Taylor and Bianca Jagger at the Cannes Film Festival when Joan and Melissa came over to pay their respects. Still smarting over a nasty crack Joan made about him many years ago, Klein snapped, "You're nothing but an old cunt, you cunt!" The elder Rivers didn't hear it, but Melissa relayed it to her mom. "Excuse
me," Joan said to Calvin, "but Melissa said you just called me a cunt" Klein replied, "I sure did, and your daughter's an even uglier cunt!" Klein then bolted up from the table to leave, but hooked his ankle on the chair and fell over sideways in front of the whole dining room.

From Page Six: "Calvin was a little tipsy," Rivers confirmed to PAGE SIX. "He fell over and we all picked him up. He apologized, and we kissed and made up. It was a lovefest. It was very showbizElton John helping him up while Elizabeth Taylor watched! It was very funny."