NY mag columnist (and NY mag would-be purchaser) Michael Wolff is reportedly packing up his bags for Vanity Fair. Goodness, how fancy. And here we thought he might end up at NY Press.

[Update: David Carr, like clockwork, files the story at the NYT.]

[Update: Some Vanity Fair press release notable quotables: "Adding him to Vanity Fair s lineup of columnists that includes Dominick Dunne, Christopher Hitchens, and James Wolcott, creates a virtual Murderers Row." Heh. VF editor Graydon Carter would do well to remember that he called them murderers first. And: "Mr. Wolff is the author of the best-selling book Burn Rate, a tale of the birth of the Internet industry and the rise and fall of Wolff New Media, the Web business he founded. Since its publication, Burn Rate has become part of any discussion about the nature and future of the Internet business. His new book, Autumn of the Moguls, has just been published by HarperCollins." Hush now: can you hear the resonating silence at the end of that paragraph?]