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It's official: I've been officially asked to not renew my Soho House membership for their second year. To their credit, they were super nice about it (to my face, at least): They gave me a choice between not covering Soho House on Gawker and remaining a member. I chose my dignity. Kidding! I mean, I chose trashy gossip.

So I guess I don't mind telling you that I heard the following exchange in the Soho House elevator on Tuesday night. Paraphrased due to inattention:

Man: Kristina, what are you doing these days?
Woman: Well, until a couple weeks ago, I was working for Harper's Bazaar...

I'm sorry if you thought I sneezed on you, Kristina, but I was spewing with laughter. Also, I swear I saw one of the guys from early-90s sitcom Wings — not Thomas Hayden Church. Yeah, the other one. But it couldn't have been — he's way too famous to be seen there.

Finally, in re: your $10 "exotic fruit cup" appetizer? Bruised grapes and deli melon are in no way "exotic fruit." I know you people were deprived of produce in your home country, but welcome to America, the land of abundance. Okay: enough pettiness for now. More pettiness later!