· Williamsburg's sheer hotness, Bellwether Gallery, arrives to take over West Chelsea tonight: come for the tattooed gang-girl cleavage, stay for the liquor.
· When we played the "which Breakfast Club character are you" game, we always wanted to be "the princess," but we always got stuck with "the basketcase" because of our habit of stabbing our friends. But now Molly Ringwald is off hiding in a cave somewhere in France, while Ally Sheedy is, er, really the big winner and has made a name for herself as... a successful reader of poetry! Catch her tonight at the Bowery Poetry Club.
·Tell your boss you have a very important lunch meeting with a Japanese business client named Mr. Yohji Yamamoto Sample Sale and that you might not be back for a couple hours.
· Head to the Museum of Television & Radio for the premiere screening of Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson's new baby, The Jury. Stick around for a Q&A with Fontana, Levinson, and cast-member-cum-mactress Shalom Harlow.