Alec Baldwin In Sweaty, Nasty Sex Romp?

This weekend, filthy-minded sister blog Fleshbot was on the loose at the Erotica LA convention. As he wandered among the porn stars, the neoprene reproductions of porn-star genitalia, and the people that ejaculate into neoprene reproductions of porn-star genitalia, he encountered one Dessarae Bradford. She's the author of the book My S/M Romp With Alec Baldwin, in which she claims "In Sept. 2002, I fu**ed Alec Baldwin in his a** in a hot , sweaty, nasty sex romp." She urges us to "Grab the scoop before my story gets into the hands of the media, and they attemp [sic] to censor it." (And in case our short-term memory is not what it used to be, reminds us that "I had Alec Baldwin on all four's for me, and S/M was involved. ") Miss Bradford sounds just a little bit like Michael Moore, except Moore was whining that Michael Eisner was fu**ing him in his a**.