Coco Scales will never work in this town again — but if Gawker had a required reading syllabus, it would consist entirely of this article, written by the hostess and doorgirl of former hotspot Hue. Best celebrity venality expose ever! Of course, we're a little concerned that Coco is totally without Google results. That's a little odd, right? Suggestive of a pseudonym?
The Hostess Diary: My Year at a Hot Spot [NYT]

[UPDATE: Ah, a Coco testimonial from a fairly reliable source: "I worked with Coco at a previous job (not a restaurant) and I can assure you that the name is not a pseudonym. She was every bit as well-dressed and fashion conscious as she described in the article, even at an office job that didn't require anything even nearing the level of attention to fashion detail that a hostessing gig requires."]