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So, we were so totally psyched for Ashlee Simpson's appearance on Saturday Night Live last night that we, like, haven't slept for three days. But then she finally came on stage to do her song and we could hear her singing before she even put the microphone up to her mouth! Then the singing went away. Ashlee looked soooo confused, then she broke into some kind of weird Riverdance jig, laughed the way people laugh when they find out that one of their parents just died—you know, like "Nice joke!," before it really hits them—and then wandered off stage.

The band played for a few seconds before the show went to a commercial, but, like...WTF, Ash?! Then she blamed the band by saying they played the wrong song! And to think that we'd spent so many hours on Ashlee's web site arguing about who's got more talent, her or her big sis Jessica. Well, now we know that they've got exactly the same amount of talent, she just doesn't have the hottie husband. Ashlee, you made us all :-(

Hilary Duff would never go all Milli Vanilli on us. Thinking about how much Hil loves her fans might keep us from cutting tonight. Might.

[OK, we didn't "actually" see anything but the video clips, but this guy watched it all unfold.]

UPDATE: The Ashlee Simpson Benny Hill Remix. Genius! [via Hey Pretty Pretty]