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In today's action-packed edition: Graydon Carter, John Malkovich, Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, John Waters, Mena Suvari, Ben Stein, Brandon Routh with Bryan Singer and Kelly Hu, Anna Paquin, Thom Filicia, Albert Hammond Jr., Robert Redford, Jerry Seinfeld, Justin Theroux, Mariah Carey, Helena Christiansen, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Alec Baldwin, Jason Biggs, Chuck Close, Marc Jacobs, Stevie Wonder, Cindy Lauper, Famke Janssen, Sam Rockwell, Jimmy Smits, Uma Thurman, Kevin Connolly, Nicole Kidman, Karie Couric, Josh Harnett, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kyra Sedgwick, Sienna Miller, Giorgio Armani, Keri Russell, Tyson Beckford, Ethan Hawke, David Duchovny, Rob Morrow, Hank Azaria, Chris and Stacy R. from the Apprentice, and the Blonde Redhead brothers.

Graydon Carter at Bungalow 8, the doorman asked if he was on the list, I mean, enough said.

Sunday (Oct 31) at 10 at 60 Thomson — Kittichai outdoor seating area: John Malkovich wearing all white, drinking red wine and smoking Marlboro lights — in a two-hour long, intense political conversation with three twenty-something guys and one tall blond (who looked like Sandy from "Grease") — not sure who the three guys were, but they looked models or actors or something. The debate (which seemed to be about everything from Bush / Kerry to world religious trends) raged on pretty intensely — I watched from a nearby seat until I could take no more, at about 12:30AM. Malkovich looked good, but not as good as the twenty-somethings.

Halloween afternoon I saw Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly walking down the street in Park Slope. Paul was SMOKIN' HOT and tall with a beautiful smile. Oh, yeah, Jennifer looked beautiful too; but God he's hot. I think they had their spawn with them, maybe in costume, but I was too busy looking at that hot Paul Bettany.

In the West Village, saw Matthew Broderick being chased by paparazzi as he came down his street on his cute, but gay-ish, light blue Vespa As he parked, the paparazzi literally ran into me on the sidewalk as I passed the Broderick homestead. I gallantly tried to save poor Matty by saying quite loudly, "Leave the poor guy alone," but the paparazzi ignored me in search of the big money shot. You can see Matthew any day of the week in the West Village so I was slightly impressed that his picture is still worth $ to those slimeballs. Unfortunately, no sign of SJP and baby in Halloween costume. I'm guessing Wicked Witch & munchkin.

Saw Matthew Broderick hailing a cab on Seventh Av. S at McCarthy Square. I don't know when Ferris Bueller became a adorably old gay curmudgeon, but he must be doing something right (and it's not Sarah Jessica Parker, judging by his outfit).

saw SJP Saturday afternoon at Urban Outfitters around 11th and 6th ave. Didn't recgonize her at first, lack of make-up, eventually when she whipped out the credit card I figured out who it was.

For some reason, I kept seeing completely strange celebrities this weekend... Saturday, at the Louise Lawler opening at Metro Pictures, I saw John Waters looking creepy as usual... Then on Sunday, I saw Mena Suvari from American Beauty walking hand in hand with her husband down 6th Ave and 37th... and then, at the Village Halloween parade, Ben Stein ("Bueller, Beuller, Bueller..." walked in front of me as he was trying to get a better view of the parade.

brandon routh, who has been cast as the new superman, was doing coke inside a room with kelly hu, bryan singer and a half dozen or so other tweaked out gay guys last night at mike dougherty's halloween party. brandon was there wearing a pin striped suit and underneath, instead of the superman coatume was the batman costume. funny stuff.

I knew it was Providence intervening when I couldn't find shoes anywhere along Sixth Avenue on Saturday afternoon. As I approached the 8th Street stretch of footwear boutiques, I walked past French Roast and glanced Anna Paquin sitting at a table outside. I only recognized her because she used to be my "conversation partner" in freshman year Italian class at Columbia. We used to do the dialogues in French because that was easier... anyhow. After further disappointment on 8th, I walked up University Place toward the new DSW. As I crossed 13th, walking South was Thom Filicia, talking on his mobile and hocking a loogie (ew). Thinner and taller than I thought we would be, rocking some kind of perm or serious gel in his hair. I think Kyan got too frisky on his ass.

Albert Hammond Jr of the Strokes, looking surprisingly gorgeous and not goofy, at an insanely packed Halloween party at the Frying Pan Saturday night...not in costume, only requisite Stokes drag.

Walking from the library to Grand Central past Cipriani where there was this big gaggle of black Benzes and a decent flock of cameras snapping photos of people mugging for shots who I definitely didn't recognize. Red carpet headed east from the entrance. Asked a girl with a press badge who said it was something called the Princess Grace Awards. I shrug it off and keep walking, when C-lister faker himself, Robert Redford, is walking by himself down 42nd St. from the opposite direction unnoticed, able to bypass the hoi polloi altogether. Genius; I'd want to get straight to the bar myself. Was looking sharp in a genuine tuxedo (by which I mean a 2-button, bowtie job, not a 4-button, pen shirt Oscar getup).

I was in the Chelsea Market yesterday and had two pretty good celeb sightings - Jerry Seinfeld walked into Eleni's cookie joint as I was walking out. He had his daughter on his shoulders, which made him more appealing to me than he ever did on his show. A few stores down Justin Theroux walked by me looking really hot in a black leather jacket, shades and carrying a helmet. He wasn't exactly tall, but he's no Peter Dinklage either.

Mariah Carey at the new club Cain. The d cor was beyond tacky, the music was slammin, and the Mariah has gained a few. . .

On Thursday 10/21 I saw Helena Christiansen and her family at Josh Dorman's art opening at the Cue Foundation on W25th St. She already owns 2 Dorman works & was their to support him. She looked stunning as usual.

On Thursday evening (10/28), I saw Caroline Kennedy (Schlossberg) on 78th & Broadway, wearing a "Vote Kerry" button on the lapel of her tan coat. I'm kinda short and used to being dwarfed by everyone around me, so I was pleased to see that she wasn't that much taller than I was. Pretty cool!

Alec Baldwin at Caf Lalo on the UWS with a beautiful woman. Alec was low-key in jeans and a black velour shirt that looked like a pajama top. She (half-Asian) was impeccably dressed in white slacks, black blazer, and a white crysanthemum brooch. They each ordered a bowl of soup (looked like split pea or pumpkin), but Alec only ate half and then ordered the cheese plate and a piece of pie. The thing that struck me was the size of his head—massive, and it's only gotten bigger since his Jack Ryan days. He wore cartoonishly large square-framed glasses which I suppose were to make his head look smaller—and strangely it seemed to work on him. My friend and I agree he has acquired a stately carriage, and an almost grandfatherly aura, in his old age. He seemed totally approachable. We're all admirers and were star struck.

Jason Biggs at Sutton Place on 54th and 2nd. Sitting at a table with a group of friends...looks exactly how he did in American Pie.

Spotted both Chuck Close and Marc Jacobs at the Andrea Rosen Gallery today...

Thursday, October 28....Eating dinner last night at Da Silvano and noticed a bunch of tables pushed together that could've easily sat more than 10 only, but was only occupied by a few people, that was until Stevie Wonder and entourage came pilling in after . He looked great, braids all the way down his back. He came in and immediately hugged and started tickling this young boy (six or so?) who had fallen asleep at the table prior to Wonder's entrance, very cute moment.

Saw Cindy Lauper walking up Fifth Ave today. Makeupless, she was tawking into her cellphone about how no one had sent a car for her, so she had to carry The Casio by herself. In her hand was a small case just big enough for a small keyboard. It said Casio on it.

saw famke janssen walking down 2nd avenue (around 10th street) with a french bulldog wearing a funny red jogging suit thing (the dog was wearing the red jogging suit, famke was wearing jeans). she was looking all around like she was really paranoid. She has really long legs and is super thin. face is a bit man-ish.

Sam Rockwell of Matchstick Men and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, looking well in leather jacket, ski cap, and mustache, was chatting on a cell phone earpiece on October 29 at around 5pm on 1st Ave btwn 10th and 11th.

Saw Jimmy Smits at Astor Wines last night (10/26). He was quite tall and dressed all in black. Bad skin and even worse sunglasses. The sales clerk said, 'You're an actor, aren't you?' to which he replied weakly and very unenthusiastically, 'Sometimes.'

Uma Thurman filming a new movie at 5th avenue and 11th. Spotted all around the NYU campus.

that guy kevin connolly from entourage (blond one) who is apparently smoochy canoolchy with nicki hilton? yeah well my friend went to a party - at his place - or rather an apt he was renting from someone in SOHO on mercer and 4th...well he like got all mad at this chick and reemed her out in front of all his peeps for no reason, all the while wearing his PJ's. the word is he's a real belligerent fella it seems. i heard the chick he was renting the apt from actually tried to get him to leave because he was rude to her friend, and he stayed for two weeks extra just to p*ss her off. maybe his little entourage show was not so fake after all. too bad he is just another hollywood cliche.

I just saw Nicole Kidman having a drink in the lounge at the Carlyle Hotel tonight with a handsome man whom I did not recognize. She was wearing a black dress and looked gorgeous.

10/26—Saw Katie Couric in front of the JP Morgan office on 44th and 5th Ave. She was wearing one of those wrap/poncho things and had that quilted Chanel bag every celebrity and their mother has been rocking. She seriously looks like the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt.

Saw hottie Josh Hartnett at the movies Saturday night....AMC 42nd street with a pretty model girl. He was wearing a newsboy cap, glasses and had a go-tee. SUCH A CUTIE! My roommate wanted to stalk him and follow him into his theater, but I passed. We stared while he bought popcorn though!

sat at table next to MK olsen last nite (10/26) at nobu next door. She arrived around 10pm and was with tall dark-haired guy (a new man??). guess this means she's back from LA. she was wearing super ripped jeans, red flats and her hair looked like it hadnt been washed in days. most shocking was how TINY she is... she barely came up to the hostess stand! we left before her food came so i cant say whether she actually ate. parked directly outside the front door was the requiste black SUV complete with tinted windows and bodyguard.

Kyra Sedgwick talking on her cell phone on the corner of 22nd & 8th @ 12:56 PM, looking every bit as leathery as her husband.

Just saw Sienna Miller walking up 10th by the markets. She looked sweet and was singing to herself. Not so long after I was torturing myself looking at clothes I love but can't have at Jeffery and in walks Giorgio Armani with a big group, he came in looked at a boot and walked out while the rest of his "people" wandered around. I don't think they were aware he'd walked out because they all seemed flustered when they couldn't find him in the store.

Just saw Giorgio walk into his Armani Exchange store on Broadway. He throws his hands up, shrugs and poses to the following paparazzi as if he's saying about his diffusion chain, 'I mean, kids, what can you say, hey?'

I almost bumped into Keri Russell as she was leaving the Chelsea Market on Saturday the 16th. Her hair was intact, she was carrying a bunch of flowers, and was surprisingly taller than I expected (aren't all celebs supposed to be shorter than you'd think?). She looked very pretty.

Also saw Tyson Beckford on the 21st outside of a movie theater around 2nd ave and 10th st. filming a red carpet scene for a movie, or a fake red carpet bit for Entertainment Tonight. He was with a bunch of guys who could have been extras on The Sopranos, and a couple generically pretty girls. Tyson looked hot and out of place.

spotted ethan hawke sauntering down 53rd @ Lex on Wed. afternoon, flanked by two mousey women (or a chick and one rather foppish guy in an ill-fitting pants suit). not so much short as weirdly out of proportion - like his legs might be a few inches short of normal for the length of his torso. looked hott though (yeah, that's right, with two t's). swoon-er-ific!

Who needs Ave A when you have Equinox? Spotted David Duchovny on the treadmill yesterday sporting some seriously long hair. He was so much cuter in his clean cut X Files days, but I bet he can still work a Speedo. And what's up with the red highlights? Something we never knew about him?) Also saw Sandra Bernhardt today. She still looks exactly the same sans makeup - for better or for worse.

Saw the actor Rob Morrow eating lunch with writer Douglas Rushkoff at Le Madri yesterday afternoon. They seemed to be in deep conversation and when I passed by, I overheard them talking about collaborating on a movie together. Both are smaller and way cuter in person.

I saw Hank Azaria Sunday evening 10/31 at Equinox in the Time Warner Center. Hey Hank: We know who you are. You're not THAT famous. Stop walking around the gym and looking to see who has recognized you. He also checked himself out in the mirrors every 2 minutes.

saw Z list celeb chris from the apprentice at gramercy park hotel on sat 10/30. i think he may have been there with others from the show but he looked surprisingly good. i thought i caught him balding on tv but he has a full head of hair and is a lot shorter than expected....5 '7ish. definitely no costume, just a suit.

saw the twin brothers from blonde redhead today on e. 4th and bowery, with a big white van, perhaps full of gear for their show tonight at irving plaza. Their hair is perfectly salt-and-peppery.

On Saturday, I saw the small but formidable Stacy R from The Apprentice at Surprise Surprise on 3rd Avenue. I recognized that voice immediately! She's tinier in person, but pretty much looks the same. She was bossing her friend around about some new closet system she wants to install!