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As of late, both Howard Stern and our perverted brother have been obsessed with an entity known only as the Mystery Booty. For those of you who aren't chronically masturbating, the story is that pictures of a particularly attractive derriere have been surfacing on the internet, causing many lustful (and probably lonely) men to speculate on the owner of this reputedly hot ass. Some stalkers have even gone so far as to create a ficitious MySpace profile for the Mystery Booty, but her true identity still remains a mystery. Now, according to an evil website posting private emails sent to the faux MySpace profile, Hard News author Seth Mnookin is on the case for a real journalism assignment (as opposed to the rest of us). His inquiry has been posted to said website but, as we know from experience, everyone knows a Harvard man couldn't find an ass if it sat on his face.
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