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A D-list actress best known for her publicity-whoring, red-carpet ubiquity and a flack desperate to generate any kind of buzz for his bottom-feeding clients are a potentially explosive combination. Toss in a minor on-set accident on a movie that no one will see, and now you're playing with a flamethrower at a gas station:


Courtney Peldon stabbed on the set of her new movie “Mortuary”.

What was supposed to be a staged fight on the set of the new Tobe Hooper horror film “Mortuary” with a prop knife, turned into a bloody mess for actress Coutney Peldon. The prop man was supposed to have a prop knife that was dulled, however the co-star that fought with Courtney in the scene was accidentally given a real knife.

If this desperate grab for publicity doesn't start generating work, the flack is going to have to insist that Peldon be mysteriously gunned down by an "obsessed fan" while walking the red carpet for the premiere of Alone in the Dark. Don't worry, a press release will herald her miraculous recovery and a walk-on role on Point Pleasant.

UPDATE: The Fug girls deny any involvement in the stabbing. Doth they protest too much?