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When pimptastic Bishop Don Magic Juan was confronted by eager Times reporter-cum-rapper David Jay Lansky, he responded, "It's going on, but it's dropping like it's hot. You know what I mean? Step your game down." Because we've suddenly become old and out of touch around here, we had no idea what the Bishop was talking about. We put it to you, the readers, to translate, and one response was particularly lucid:

Allow me to take a crack at this Ebonic translation... After all, I'm not trying to go out like Malcom "Blink And You'll Miss The Fact That I'm A Brother" Gladwell. What the esteemed, alleged entrepreneur Bishop Don Magic Juan means is as follows:

A. "It's going on" - Congratulations Mr. Hipster, you have accurately used a snippet of hip-hop argot.
B. "But it's droppin' like its hot" — Your skills at argot are not matched by your overall contextual awareness. In your rush to demonstrate your skills, you have neglected rules of time, place and manner, rules that are the foundation of cool. For example, the best time to show your "skills" probably is NOT while interviewing me for the New York Times. It's like break dancing on the first date.
C. "You know what I mean?" — do you grasp the difference between having a skill and knowing when to use it?
D. "Step your game down." — please cease your attempts to prove your "skills" immediately, and consider a new definition of what exactly skills are.

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