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We recently checked out our old pal Awful Plastic Surgery and noticed that she's had some work done. Nothing drastic, just a little augmentation:

DISCLAIMER: This site is merely the opinions of the author. We believe in the first amendment and you can't sue people for what they write.

Sexy? Yes. Legally sound? Not so sure according to Chilling Effects' "What is libel?" FAQ.

Risking a classic faux pas, we sent an email to APS to ask her why she got her new disclaimer job. Here's what she said:

"The cuplrit is former newscaster Bree Walker. She was on Celebrity Justice last week complaining about our site (with her fat collagen filled lips!! and weird face) saying that she wanted her photo off our site because it was mean and that she did not have any plastic surgery. She complained that she simply did not have alot of cheek fat anymore and that was why she looked different. She claimed that she had her lawyer contact the site three times to no avail."

Well, that's some kiss-off, huh?

As APS continued:

"I don't see how Bree Walker can sit there with those huge lips flapping and saying,'I've never had anything done'. The cameras don't lie and people are not stupid. She put herself in that position by going on Larry King and Dr. Phil after having all the stuff done; I did not see those appearances but got a HUGE flurry of emails telling me that she had mangled her face and needed to be added to the site. In fact, it was the biggest response I ever have gotten about any celebrity."

Well, if you ask us, her new disclaimer makes Awful Plastic Surgery look a lot more dangerous. And ten years younger. Work it, girl!

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