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We hate to take you for a ride in the Paris Hilton Gossip Wayback Machine, but buried at the bottom (Paris dirt is painfully '04) of Fox News gossip columnist Roger Friedman's Grammy piece is the answer to one of the greatest Hilton-related "mysteries" of the past year:

[Aaron] Carter, who is estranged from his mother, also told me that his brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys did indeed hit pop tart Paris Hilton, as was intimated in many tabloid reports late last year.

"He hit her," Aaron told me on Sunday night at the big Grammy celebration party following the awards show, "and he hit me."

Now that the Hilton situation is wrapped up, we can all turn our attention to discovering a cure for the "mystery illness" that strikes Lindsay Lohan every time she stays up late partying at a New Orleans bar.