Our sister site (our brother site! our sister site! our sister and our brother site!) uncovers a truly disturbing meme lurking deep in the bowels of the internet: Daily Show with Jon Stewart slash fiction.

For those unfamiliar with the 'slash,' genre, it's a way for sickos to project their sick fantasies on the sick objects of their sick desires. Mostly it's a way to make sci-fi characters totally gay with each other. (cf. Interview with Contance Penley)

A quick google search reveals Star Trek slash, Buffy the Vampire Slayer slash, and even Degrassi High slash!

But none is as sick as this story, which puts America's most beloved human being, Jon Stewart, in a rather compromising position vis-a-vis correspondent Stephen Colbert:

"Slow down, Jon," he grinds out, holding a thrust into Stephen, who starts to move his own head, work his tongue around. Jon can see the oral muscle poke through the side of Colbert's cheek, slip out of his mouth. "This is just a warm up."

Dammit, these are fake journalists, people! Have some respect!

Is there nothing you pervs can't sully? What's next, James Guckert gay fanfic? Please?

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