Chris Wilson shares some benevolent threats with a Gawker correspondent.

While covering last night's Young Lions Benefit at the NY Public Library (requisite Party Crash TK), Gawker had the misfortune of politely asking Page Six's Chris Wilson to pose for a picture. Big mistake, as it would seem that Chris is not a photography fan. Nor is he a fan of Gawker, bunnies, or rainbows. The following is an account of what followed from notes of Special Correspondent K. Eric Walters*, with pictures by photographer Jennifer Snow.

While the photographer and I were working the tables (which cost $5000 a pop and $500 a plate), I recognized Page Six reporter Chris Wilson sitting at a table between two women. I introduced myself as a reporter from Gawker; would he mind if Gawker took his picture? This set the Page Six reporter off on a lengthy diatribe that swung from the openly aggressive to the oddly friendly.

"They're snarkologists," he told the women. "Do you have a P.H.D in snarkology?** A J.D. in jackassery? Are you going to write a really snarky caption like, 'Look at this Jackass?' That's what they do, they write captions like 'look at this jackass.' Where's Jessica, the Evil Queen Bee

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Chris Wilson thinks we're going to write a caption that says, "Look at this jackass." We'd never.

I was thrown off, so my response was not very concise. "No, I'm from, I think Jessica is speaking at NYU..." He then called my dear editor "a sellout"*** and introduced me to his girlfriend, Nicole Romano. The girl to his left said: "They're going to be so mean." She said this at least twice. The photographer snapped some pictures. We moved on.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We are going to be so mean.

About 15 minutes passed. I headed to the bathroom for the usual reasons (to urinate, you cokeheads). Upon leaving the bathroom, I noticed Chris Wilson heading straight towards me. He stopped me in the hall and moved in close to me, closer than I usually prefer to talk to anyone. He is much taller than me. He started talking again, rapidly.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We will not belittle Chris Wilson. We will not call him a jackass. We will not teach him about snarkology. We will be nice.

"If you want to belittle me, okay, but remember one day I can do the same to you. Be nice okay? Be nice. I know what you guys do. I don't need the aggravation." He said some other derogatory things and noted that he would seek "retribution." The photographer spoke up and pointed out that he worked for Page Six — not always the most warm and fuzzy place in the world either. Her points seemed to be lost on him. He left us in the hallway.

Once he left, the photographer filled me in on what happened: he had approached her asking where "the writer" was. She said, "In the bathroom, I think." He then headed to the restrooms, presumably to find me, when I was confronted in the hallway.

Later in the evening, as I was just passing by his table, he invited me to sit down. He seemed more calm and friendly, although we didn't say much. Had he forgotten what happened earlier? Hard to say. And hard for me to forget.

*A pseudonym for someone who'd like to keep his day job.

**Not the first time we've heard
Chris ruminate on "snarkology."

***Ed: Not a sellout until I get some free shoes or a nice handbag. Then you can call me as you wish — but I won't care because I'll have pretty things! And I'm not a Queen Bee, just an Evil Princess, thankyouverymuch. -JC