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Morbidly obese municipal union leader Mark Rosenthal, not pictured at right because we couldn't find a photo small enough, showed up at City Hall yesterday with a request: Pass legislation that would require city hospitals and ambulances to be better equipped to deal with the massively overweight. We've no interest in debating whether or not our critical care facilities should be taken out a little to accommodate the Twinkie-eating machines who clog our streets every day or if that money might be better used to provide some sort of citywide jaw-wiring program; what we find fascinating about this story is the way its coverage so perfectly encapsulates the four area papers' personalities. Below, heds for each: Try guessing which comes from where. (If you get all four, reward yourself with Hardee's Thickburger , and don't worry about the extra pounds: SUV-sized ambulances are on the way!) AB

City Bills Seek Medical Gear for the Obese
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