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Oh my: It seems that Christian Slater has yet to go blind from his love of recreational Cialis, as the actor was arrested last night on charges of third-degree sexual abuse. Slater allegedy "groped" a woman's buttocks on 93rd and 3rd Avenue around 1:50 AM last night; the woman then reported the incident to the police. Shortly thereafter, the authorities found Slater near the scene of the crime and the victim ID'd Slater as the man behind the bad touch. Slater maintains his innocence, but was (admirably) piss drunk at the time of his arrest. No word on whether or not the buttocks in question were tight or hot.

You know, we take sexual abuse rather seriously, but since when was a little ass-grabbing from Christian Slater a bad thing? He was in Heathers, for chrissakes — this woman is the "victim" of a blessing, not a crime! What's her freaking problem? You know Lindsay Lohan wouldn't play Slater like that.

We're starting a Save Christian PayPal donation center; we suggest you do the same. In the meantime, keep Slater in your prayers and True Romance in your DVD player.

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