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There's news today on the latest threat to the PlayStation Portable, a handheld video game called "Bin Laden vs. US," in which little LCD planes fly into the Twin Towers. (Perhaps this might slow down real-estate meshugines Rudin Management's aggressive recruitment of Israeli companies for thier space in the financial district.) While the existence of this game is nothing new, you should still express fresh outrage at its presence in Bloomberg country! Now take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our terror alert as it rises to a luscious level of coral:

The packaging claims it's a boxing game, but when The Post turned on the sickening toy, the object appeared to be to drop bombs on planes flying into the Twin Towers.

...The game was bought at a local corner store, called Oakdale Dairy, on Avenue H and Coney Island Avenue, in a Pakistani and Bangladeshi enclave of Brooklyn. ...When The Post visited Oakdale Dairy, there were only harmless baby toys and video card games on display.

But at Lucky International, a wholesale store on West 27th Street in Manhattan, The Post found samples of the "Laden vs. USA" amid a jumbled mass of tchotchkes.

Brilliant US military recruitment tool or underhanded jihadi toy? It doesn't matter. Now the Bush administration has solid, terror-related reasons to invade and overthrow Chelsea, once and for all.

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