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The Times and the Newspaper Guild finally worked out their differences on ethics training for newsroom employees, and now each employee must take and pass the big ethics testby next Monday. The Observer's Gabriel Sherman scored a copy of the exam.

Perhaps our favorite question:

6. Carl wants to notify all 250 people in his fan club that his band is playing at a bar on Saturday night.

How should he do that?

A. Create a flyer on his work computer, print it, use the department copier to make copies, and then use the Company postage machine to stamp the flyers.
B. Ask a few of his colleagues to use their downtime at work to call the 250 people in his fan club.
C. Create a flyer on his work computer, and then use his expense account to order a box of glossy paper that costs $2.50 a sheet on which to print the flyers.
D. None of the above.

There's no way Jayson Blair would have gotten past that.

Off the Record [NYO, second item]