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As we mentioned in Gossip Roundup this morning, Rush & Molloy reported in today's News that Jayson Blair paid his first visit to 43rd Street since unleashing the unpleasantness of 2003. Here's how Blair described the scene to the gossipmongering duo:

"I was nervous about coming back to the block," he tells us. "Some editors opened the window and said hello. That was a nice gesture."

It was a nice gesture. But here's the thing, as several Timespeople have pointed out: It doesn't make any sense.

The newsroom is on the third and fourth floors of the building, not at street level. No one's ever seen the windows of the building being opened. And editors work along the interior of the building; reporters cubicles line the 43rd Street windows. So Blair would have us believe that an editor — actually, more than one editor — was walking past a reporter's cubicle along 43rd, glanced out the window and down 30 or 40 feet to the sidewalk, happened to notice Blair on the street, and then bounded over to a never-opened window to pull it open and stuck his or her heads out just to say a friendly hello to the man who instigated one of the biggest crises in the paper's history.

"I consider myself a person susceptible to lying," Blair also told Rush & Molloy. Well, yes.

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