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In any horror movie worthy the of name, the unexplained, unexplainable, force-of-nature evildoer is never really gone when all the innocent victims first think it's gone. So when the inexplicable Syrupy Smell That Swallowed New York came and went about a month ago, why did we all assume it was gone for good?

Word from Morningside Heights suggests that, well, it's baaaack:

The syrup smell. Is it back? I'm at 114th and Amsterdam, and it smells like syrup. Could it be? I wanna feel like I'm part of something — and getting a confirmation that I'm not alone in this would really make my D-A-Y (if you know what I mean).

Actually, we have no idea what he means. Which suggests this might be little more than a stress-induced finals hallucination. (Ivies are hard! Or so we're told.)

Anyone else got interesting odors to report?

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