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Nick Nolte is being sued by the family of a girl who was drugged with GHB and raped at his home almost three years ago (he wasn't there at the time, but the suit claims he should have been "aware of the propensity" of his security guard and one of his regular underage houseguests to provide "alcohol and/or drugs to minor children.") The incident hasn't exactly scared son Brawley straight—he was arrested last April in West Virginia for marijuana possession. Now a judge has decided to allow the jury to hear every illicit detail regarding father and son:

A lawsuit by parents of a teenager who says she was raped during a party at Nick Nolte's home can include evidence of previous drug and alcohol use by the actor and his son, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Nolte's publicist has said the actor was not home during the party. However, the lawsuit claims he was negligent, contending that the home had "a long history of furnishing drugs and/or alcohol to minors."

The suit states the girl, then 15, was given the date-rape drug GHB and sexually assaulted at a party on Jan. 25, 2003.

The situation poses an interesting legal dilemma: namely, can Nolte be held responsible if the party was held without his presence or consent, with the burden of proof lying with the plaintiffs to prove negligence? Then again, the photographic evidence of the neon sign over Nolte's driveway that reads "Welcome to Naughty Nick's Malibu Jailbait Playtime Roofies Palace" could successfully sway the jury to their favor.