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If the only chill you felt when the Darth Vader mask was lowered onto Hayden Christensen's head at the end of Episode III was the pleasurable tingling of knowing the credits couldn't be far behind, you are not alone. But according to Page Six, some Star Wars fans would go so far as to accuse Christensen of single-handedly ruining the franchise, to his face:

Hayden Christensen does not suffer hecklers gladly. The actor, currently shooting "Awake" with Jessica Alba, was leaving his trailer to do a scene inside Bellevue Hospital the other day when a fan approached. But instead of asking Christensen for an autograph, the fan yelled, "You ruined the 'Star Wars' movies!" Our set-side source says the annoyed Anakin Skywalker "chased the guy down the street and scared him away." A spokeswoman for the Weinstein Co., which is producing "Awake," declined comment.

What the item failed to report was that the "fan" in question was none other than George Lucas, who has a long history of ambushing former cast members in an epic game of blame-deflecting cat n' mouse. Billy Dee Williams is still smarting from Lucas' 1983 trailer assault on the set of Chiefs, when the director, frustrated at negative Return of the Jedi reviews, grabbed the actor by his collar and shouted, "Your hamfisted scenery-chewing killed the pacing of the Sarlaac Pit sequence!"