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The Observer went to the anniversary party for the Chelsea club that simply won't die, Marquee — but the who's-who hilarity of typical Transom items gives way to nightlife philosophy in the bathroom. Of course, only an Observer reporter would go to a big night at Marquee and then spend most of his time hiding in the men's room, getting quotes from the attendant:

[Marquee] is where they all come, until 4 in the morning. And unlike L.A., where it s only people from television or from the movies, here you ve got all these type-A personalities from fashion, Wall Street, the media, music, and they all come here and they all know each other. And they can talk about everything they can talk about fashion, they can talk about Madison Avenue. It s where hype meets hype, and the expectations are met, and you all know what you re talking about. It s cross-pollination you say, I ll take what this group is talking about over drinks in this corner, and I ll take it back to my corner. You look for someone to give you that catalyst to keep you going, that little spark.

Let us remind you, this glorious praise of Marquee is coming from the bathroom boy. How does he know anything about the joint's cross-pollination? Ew, as he been out on the main floor? Does management know?! OMG, someone call security — THE HELP MIGHT BE MINGLING!

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