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To compensate for your short-term memory loss, a recap of some major shifts at the Daily News: Colleen Curtis recently left her position as Managing Editor Features for the warmth of Diane Sawyer's lap at Good Morning America. Even more recently, editor-in-chief Michael Cooke left — after a mere ten months at the helm — to return to Chicago, where he'll hopefully get his shoe fetish under control.

Now that you're up to half-speed, let's focus on the following email from the Daily News's (soon-to-be former-ish?) editorial director, Martin Dunn, which was sent out last evening:

To the staff:

I have two announcements to make today.

Firstly, Mort Zuckerman has asked me to become Editor-in-Chief in addition to my current duties, and I have accepted. The recent series and campaigns that the Daily News has been running show the power of the newspaper and how important it is to the city. I am delighted to once again be asked to lead a wonderful team of journalists on a day to day basis.

Secondly, I am delighted to announce that Orla Healy will be returning to the newspaper as Managing Editor Features after a spell in the magazine world and on some other newspaper. I know many of you know Orla already. She will be starting in the New Year.

Thank you all.

So Healy's back from the Post — a quick turnaround, considering she's still been writing for Murdoch this week. Guess the fashionable savior readily swings both ways. Such a party girl!

More interestingly: Martin Dunn is going to act as both editorial director and EIC? That doesn't smell quite right. Might Zuckerman (who has every reason to be cranky) be easing Dunn into a gentle demotion? The extra paper-shuffling would provide ample distraction.