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Congratulations are in order for Nick Nolte, who has successfully convinced a judge that he is completely clean and sober since being picked up in 2002 on the PCH for a DUI while high on GHB, an arrest which produced perhaps his career's most resonant image, the infamous Krusty the Clown-meets-the Crypt Keeper "mugshot" photo:

Nick Nolte has successfully completed probation ordered after his 2002 no contest plea to a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of drugs, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Nolte was present at the hearing before Judge Lawrence Mira.

"I'm about to do `Pride and Glory,' a film in New York with Colin Farrell, and he'll just be coming out of rehab so he'll have a lot of support (from me)," the 64-year-old actor told syndicated TV show "The Insider" outside court.

We wish best of luck to Nolte, and to his newly reinvigorated and prescription medication free co-star Farrell; but our heartiest good wishes fall with Pride director Gavin O'Connor. Where the biggest problem on the set of his last major release, Miracle, may have been a pissy Kurt Russell complaining about the chilly temperatures on their hockey arena set, Pride and Glory will require the director to stretch his actor-managing skill set to the areas of CPR administration, stomach pumpings, and, perhaps most essentially, a basic familiarity with the functioning of a defibrillator.