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From the latest Newsweek, a case of possible Taracide:

It was shaping up to be a perfect honeymoon for George Smith and Jennifer Hagel Smith. Touring the Mediterranean aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship last summer, the couple, both 26, were enthralled by the luxurious casino in Monte Carlo and the shimmering Aegean Sea. On the Greek island of Mykonos on July 4 six days into their journey George happened to meet the actress Tara Reid, with whom he giddily took a photo. But the Smiths' idyllic trip soon took a disastrous turn. Later that night on the ship, George somehow went overboard.

When called in for questioning, Tara Reid looked investigators straight in the eye and declared her innocence. "How many more years are you going to pick on me?" she cried, downing a buttery nipple in between sobs. "There's other new young bad girls. Move on to someone else!"

A Groom's Watery Grave [Newsweek]