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The entire editorial staff of the New York Press — that would be four people — resigned yesterday after management told them not to run the riot-inducing Danish Mohammed cartoons. The Observer's Politicker broke this news last night, reprinting the anguished (and not just a little self-righteous) email-cum-press release from the Press's boy editor, Harry Siegel.

It's great fun, the memo. So many lofty ideals, so few paragraphs. Suborned principles! The basic values and obligations of Western civilization! Free-speech martyrdom! Naked hypocrisy! The world-historical stage! Enemies of the vales we hold dear! An invaluable read for all good Gothamites!

We think we might actually grow to miss these kids. Well, if we'd ever read their paper in the first place, that is.

NY Press Kills Cartoons; Staff Walks Out [NYO/The Politicker]